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Canz Group

Canz Marketing​

CANZ Marketing is an eCommerce-specialized digital marketing agency based out of San Diego. We have earned a good reputation among entrepreneurs all over the US.


With 360-degree marketing solutions that cover everything from website development to content creation, we provide state-of-the-art services to our clients. Our aim is to address the digital marketing needs of businesses of all sizes and deliver results, allowing our clients to add more zeros to their bottom line.


We have the honor of serving clients from a wide range of backgrounds; ranging from hospitality to health and wellness and from oil and gas exploration to power and utilities. To serve these clients we use our expertise to provide distinguishing features to our clients.

Canz Technologies

Canz Technologies is a digital marketing agency and software house from San Diego, California with its operations based in Pakistan. It provides state-of-the-art services to clients in the US. 

Canz Technologies provides services like PPC advertising, Social Media marketing, web development, and email marketing. Since our inception, we have been able to build a portfolio of loyal clients, who provide us with repeat business.

Our digital marketing team are veterans of the industry, who can create cutting-edge tactics that can help businesses scale in record time. An analysis of our performance proves that we have been able to scale our client’s business to 90 clients in 90 days.

Canz Studios

CANZ Studios is a global company that develops mobile-first games and apps for a plethora of genres. 


Our work consists of but is not limited to simulation, racing, action, entertainment, hyper-casual, and light mobile app categories that are currently exclusive to US and European markets. 


Our team of almost a hundred Unity and Flutter developers allows us to use our creativity to create something that will entertain people with a flawless user experience. This has allowed us to build a long list of diehard fans, who anxiously await our next product.

Launch My Agency

As the name suggests, Launch My Agency is just that, a platform for the team at Canz Group to launch and scale a digital marketing agency, your agency, on your behalf. 


Zarrar Ameen and Christian Alatorre, the founders of Canz Group, claim that they’ve stumbled across a system that allows them to get 30 clients every month, within their own agency. 


Launch My Agency, or LMA is for small and medium businesses that want to focus their energy on their core business, but don’t have the clientele, expertise, and the time to scale to the required level.


We can assure entrepreneurs that our tried and tested process is capable of growing any business within a few weeks, bringing in 30 to 40 clients.

Apps for Investors

In 1929, Joseph Kennedy Sr. told one of his secretaries it was time for an investor to get out of the stock market when a shoeshine boy had investment advice. Today, with technology, information about investment opportunities is more readily available than it was a hundred years ago.


Apps for Investors is one app that focuses on providing genuine and flawless investment tips to our clients. We want our clients to become financially sound. With our help, people can now invest in financial markets and save for their retirement.


Our team consists of financial professionals who guide us on how best to address issues related to financial management, investment opportunities, and portfolio management. We can guarantee that you will not regret using our services.

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